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Program Memorandum

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)



PM Rev. B-00-35

Date: JULY 20, 2000


SUBJECT: Addition of Five "WW" Codes to Identify a New Source for Methotrexate

Suppliers are currently instructed to bill oral anti-cancer drugs to the DMERCs using the appropriate National Drug Code (NDC) number. The addition of these "WW" codes will allow the DMERCs to adjudicate this oral anti-cancer drug. The proposed additions would read:

WW040 - Methotrexate, 2.5mg, oral (00005-4507-04)

WW041 - Methotrexate, 2.5mg, oral (00005-4507-05)

WW042 - Methotrexate, 2.5mg, oral (00005-4507-07)

WW043 - Methotrexate, 2.5mg, oral (00005-4507-09)

WW046 - Methotrexate, 2.5mg, oral (00005-4507-91)

Rheumatrex is the brand name for the generic methotrexate.

(DMEPOS category:9)(CWF category:17,60)(POS: 12,31,32,33,54,55,56)(TOS:9)

** NOTE: The "WW" codes are used for DMERC internal systems only. Providers should still bill using the appropriate NDC codes for oral anti-cancer drugs.

The effective date for this Program Memorandum (PM) is October 1, 2000.

The implementation date for this PM is October 1, 2000.

These instructions should be implemented within your current operating budget.

This PM may be discarded after October 1, 2001.

If you have any questions contact Angie Costello at 410-786-1554 or (acostello@hcfa.gov).

HCFA-Pub. 60B



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